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Easy Ways to Look Younger

Posted by: | Posted on: November 12, 2016

Want to turn back the clock and boost your health at the same time? Look and feel more youthful by making these simple lifestyle tweaks.

Eat More Garlic

Not only is it heart healthy and immunity-boosting, but garlic can help fight UV damage. South Korean researchers have found that ingredients in the tiny bulb reduce damage to skin caused by UV rays by switching off the activity of collagen-destroying proteins normally triggered by UVB exposure. Garlic is not the only anti-ageing superfood, though. Researchers at Monash University found that people eating diets high in vegetables, fish, olive oil and legumes also looked younger than their years. It sounds a lot like eating the Mediterranean way is the key to younger skin and a healthier body.

Have More Intimate Relationship

According to neuropsychologist Dr David Weeks, keeping your intimate life active as you age makes you look younger. Up to 12 years younger in fact. “People who have frequent intercourse have tighter muscles, better skin, fewer wrinkles, and in some cases, more optimum levels of skin oils,” he told us. “Intimate life releases a trickle of various hormones and active biological substances like human growth hormone or oxytocin which have a beneficial effect on appearance plus of course it burns calories. All of these effects are cumulative over long periods of time.”

Sleep on The Right Pillow

Sleep is officially anti-ageing. US researchers found that sleep-deprived faces have more lines and wrinkles and sleep-deprived skin doesn’t fight off UV damage as effectively as well-rested skin does. But your pillow can also be a factor. Recently Slovenian researchers asked people to sleep on a transparent pillow and photographed what happened to their skin. “We found if you sleep on your stomach the skin creases to create a furrowed brow. Sleeping on one side causes wrinkles on the cheeks and chin, and with standard pillowcases the fabric wrinkles under the skin causing pressure that can result in further sleep lines,” says study author Professor Raja Dahmane. Sleeping on your back can address the issue, but it’s not the only solution. “Because it’s more slippery, using a silk pillowcase reduces some of the problems,” she says.

Don’t Stress

It’s true that stress can turn hair grey. According to US research, adrenalin produced during stress reduces the amount of the protein p53. Its job is to protect cells from abnormalities one of which is the pigment loss that creates grey hair. Dr Guyuron’s study on twins also found increased facial ageing in siblings who had experienced stress via factors like depression. The solution? Meditate for 20 minutes each day. A Harvard study found that when stressed caregivers did this, not only did they feel less under pressure, their telomeres (protective caps on the end of our chromosomes that indicate how fast we are ageing) showed more repair activity than people who just sat for 20 minutes resting.

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